Book / 06.10.2019

Darryl Jones well and truly launched my book at the mountain’s Zamia Theatre in front of close to 60 people this afternoon. He recounted how his research into brush turkeys led him to the mountain over 30 years ago and that close observation of their mounds revealed previously unknown aspects of their mating behaviour. He exhorted people who buy the book to closely study its images before reading it, precisely because the images are the result of sustained observation. He spoke with a generosity of spirit about my work. The event was expertly compered by Janene Gardner, owner of Under the Greenwood Tree bookshop, who has officiated at innumerable book launches. She too had lovely things to say about the book and my project.

For me, the most important aspect of the launch was the atmosphere in the room, which, based on what I was told by those who were there, was exactly what I was after. I saw the launch of the book as an opportunity to have as many people as possible who contributed to it, attend and be acknowledged by the gathering. First and foremost was Jan Watson, the designer. Amanda Klaer read the book… Read Complete Text


Book / 25.09.2019

An order, received today, for a book from Toowoomba City Library brought the number of books sold since I took delivery of the shipment from China on August 5, to exactly 100. One box was severely damaged on arrival, two slightly damaged – resulting in 10 books unfit for sale and 5 held in reserve. I have ‘presented’ 21  complimentary copies, of which five were posted overseas. One of the reasons I was so loath to self-publish, apart from having to sell the book myself, was the absence of review copies – although people have told me how impressive the book is when first handled. Jan’s design is much appreciated. It is always pleasing to have one’s work acknowledged.


Book / 10.09.2019

This evening, a week after I submitted my application form, I got a phone call from the lady who is in charge of booking the Zamia Theatre. She confirmed that I have the venue for my book launch, from 3 to 5 pm, on Sunday October 6.